Ground source heating systems, Geothermal, Renewable heating designers

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Ground source heating systems, Geothermal, Renewable heating designers

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G-Core Limited are experts in the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of ground source, water source, and air source heat pump systems.

Our approach ensures that all of our Clients receive the best advice on the most appropriate technologies for their project.  Our approach is knowledgeable and unbiased and focuses compliance with statutory and planning requirements, whilst maximising savings in energy costs and revenue under the Renewable Heating Incentive.  We offer upfront advice and guidance for no cost and no obligation


  It is our aim to ensure that you are equipped with full knowledge and confidence before committing to utilising both the renewables technology and the services of G-Core Limited


The technology, although not new, it not widely understood.  It is also not simple. Therefore, in each case, we will put ourselves in your shoes and ensure that you are dealt with fairly and with respect.  Our solutions will be matched to your needs and not ‘shoe-horned’ into your requirements.

Ground Source Heating

G-Core, ground source heat pumps

Ground Source Heat pump systems (GSHP) (including water source) utilise low grade, steady state stored temperatures from the ground and water bodies and increases this to useable temperatures to provide space heating, cooling and domestic hot water.  Efficiencies between 350% and 1000% are achievable...

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Air Source Heating

G-Core, air source heat pumps

Similar to ground source heating, Air Source Heat Pump Systems (ASHPs) utilise low grade ambient air temperature and the refrigeration cycle to provide temperatures suitable for space heating, cooling, and domestic hot water.  Efficiencies between 200 and 500% are achievable depending upon air temperatures...

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System Management

G-Core, groud source and air source heat pump controls and management

Increasingly, modern building services require co-ordination and control of multiple energy technologies, user interface, and control and optimisation of ground source heating system performance.  Most heat pump systems have their own integral controllers and interfaces to allow remote system monitoring...

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